Aikido History

Aikido is a martial art which originated in Japan after World War II, Aikido is rapidly spreading and nowadays has become more and more popular in many countries. "The Aikido-boom" can be seen around the world.

The principal of Aikido is not to resist the law of nature, but to harmonize without using physical strength and is non-competitive.  . Aikido techniques are applied by using your own power together with your enemy's power. This means, no matter if you are strong or weak, big or small, male or female, young or old, you can do Aikido without having to be a top athlete.

Yoshinkan Aikido is based on careful and precise practice and methodical use of basic movements, attention to detail, and patient repetition of techniques to achieve mastery.  Aikido does not depend on strength or speed. This foundation of fundamental movements supports the development of basic techniques leading to a very powerful means of self-defense without unnecessary aggression.  By training this way repeatedly, Aikido techniques are acquired and the training is more practical for students. In Kata-style training there is no competition, with no feelings of winning or losing. Although good training requires discipline and focus, we consider it equally important to have fun.

Aikido is based on principles of harmony.  The techniques are based on blending of movement and energy.  We do not use power.  We use connection, balance, and timing.  We do not seek to injure, but rather to carefully control.  Most techniques finish with a pin effectively subduing our partner without injury.  With trained partners, techniques can end with beautiful and graceful throws.

Aikido develops dexterity, timing, and balance.  We practice in a cooperative learning environment, which we believe promotes positive interactions between teachers, other students, and society.  Aikido is co-operative, so people make new friends and learn how to co-operate with teachers, other students, and society in general.  Aikido develops discipline and focus. Most importantly, we have fun.



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